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OWNERS, CEOS, AND PRESIDENTS HAVE A PRETTY CLEAR VISION OF WHERE THEY’RE LEADING THEIR ORGANIZATION. Based on my experience as an accountability expert leading more than 200 planning sessions, direct reports usually have a different interpretation of how that vision will be achieved. The Bustin Migration Chart™ helps align leadership teams on the most important priorities as your organization migrates from its current position to its ideal future state.


How Do I Use It?

Gather your leaders
Create a timeline: 6 months, 1 year, 18 months, etc.
Examine, discuss and agree on the most significant organizational priorities to help you achieve your vision
Answer questions in 7 key organizational categories

Why Should I Use It?

The Bustin Migration Chart tool has been used and developed over years of strategic planning sessions with large and small companies. My work as an accountability expert is focused on simple, practical solutions to help companies plan for change. Get clarity and alignment on these big issues for greater accountability and improved performance with the Bustin Migration Chart.

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