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Energize your team with leadership workshops that provide valuable insights, practical tools, and techniques that improve business performance. As an accomplished facilitator and leadership training expert, Greg Bustin has helped esteemed companies overcome the obstacles that stifle potential and allow them to move forward with confidence and conviction. What separates over-performers from under-achievers? Why is nurturing tough love so tough? How can companies generate new growth? Greg utilizes his years of experience as a leadership training expert to engage executives as well as front line troops with his highly interactive half-day, one-day and two-day leadership workshops. Each blends real world experiences, relevant case studies and practical approaches that deliver immediate and long-term value.  



Accountability: The Key to Driving a High-Performance Culture

Companies like Container Store, Ernst & Young and Marriott know a culture where accountability matters separates over-performers from underachievers. Greg knows because he has interviewed leaders at these and other highly respected companies to gain insights into the role accountability plays in driving performance. Yet when Greg surveyed more than 5,000 executives, they said “lack of accountability” is the single greatest barrier to achieving the results they expect. This popular leadership workshop helps attendees learn how to build, nurture and sustain accountability through the Seven Pillars of Accountability™.

If It’s Not Broken, Break It, Then Fix It

Who’s your competition? It may not be who you think it is. Exceptional leaders identify and calculate the impact of potential threats to their organization’s sustainable performance—no matter how seemingly insignificant. As a leadership training expert, Greg Bustin argues that even if your organization isn’t broken, you should consider breaking it and then fixing it—before you’re forced to do so. This leadership workshop helps executives assess their appetite for change, identify seven factors that threaten organizational performance, and connect the dots that drive future success. The workshop abandons predictable territory while offering proven, practical insights, exercises and tools to open minds and prepare leaders for the next big thing.

Lead the Way

Successful companies win because their employees are united in a common purpose. Yet each year, hundreds of companies fail to achieve their objectives because they fail to plan. Many small- and mid-sized companies don’t plan at all. Other companies mistake budgeting for planning. Planning is a waste of time when leaders don’t trust one another enough to discuss the meaty issues strangling performance. Plans fail when commitment is lukewarm. CEOs say, “Give me a fast, simple process my team will believe in and that will produce bottom-line results.” Leadership training expert Greg Bustin delivers in this highly-interactive leadership workshop. Leaders learn how to: build agreement on priorities that create the most significant positive impact; develop a concise, simple plan that produces results; achieve buy-in from every employee; and drive performance and accountability with easy-to-use models for monitoring and measuring performance.

Three Truths: Resolving Conflict & Creating Happy Relationships

“There are three truths: my truth, your truth and the truth.” This Chinese proverb explains why clear communication is so elusive. When things don’t go as planned, a breakdown in communications is usually the reason. Intellectually, we know that a problem cannot be fixed until it is exposed, discussed, and acted upon. Yet, we often avoid, ignore or even enable under-performers, hoping the situation will improve. As a leadership training expert, Greg shows leaders how to break down barriers that stymie productive communication between offices, departments and individuals as they pursue a common goal. During this half-day or one-day workshop designed for eight to 30 participants, executives are trained to learn how to: understand the seven levels of truth; turn conflict into collaboration; address the four fatal fears that stifle personal and organizational growth; apply proven conflict management principles and effective problem-solving processes.

Executive Accountability Workshop


How Leaders Decide: A Timeless Guide to Making Tough Choices

History has much to offer today’s current and aspiring leaders. Business schools teach case studies. Hollywood blockbusters are inspired by true events. Exceptional leaders are students of history. Decision-making comes with the territory. This leadership book will cover 52 of the most spectacular failures and triumphant achievements that offer timeless leadership lessons. These lessons work for anyone, whether you’re a company leader or an aspiring one. They encourage readers to reflect on their own situations and to be inspired by the men and women who have made courageous decisions and changed history in the face of difficult circumstances. Leaders – it’s time to decide. Order my leadership book today.


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Accountability: The Key to Driving a High-Performance Culture

Building a culture where accountability matters is vital to every organization’s success, yet it is one of the biggest challenges business leaders face. The absence of accountability saps morale, drains profits, disenfranchises good employees while cultivating confusion and crisis. Greg has worked with, interviewed and surveyed senior leaders at some of the world’s most admired companies, including Marriott, Container Store, Ernst & Young, Sony, Herman Miller, Nucor, Southwest Airlines as well as leaders of small- and mid-sized firms. The insights and tools featured in this leadership book will increase accountability and drive success in any organization—including yours.

That’s a Great Question: Are you asking the right questions in business? In life?

Good leaders solve problems. Great leaders ask questions. What’s more, great leaders create an environment where questions—especially tough questions—are welcomed, asked and answered before decisions are made and after results are assessed. This must-read leadership book includes more than 500 provocative questions that explore 18 compelling topics that Greg has discovered successful individuals consider on a regular basis.

Lead the Way

While many books on leadership extol the benefits of planning, Greg’s leadership book provides a simple, proven process for developing a concise, easy-to-understand written plan along with strategic planning tools and strategies designed to ensure workplace accountability and improve business performance. The first section helps you prepare for your planning session; the second section provides a blueprint for conducting your planning session; the third section provides guidance to ensure your plan is implemented.

Take Charge!

Change is always a part of conducting business, but in today’s business world the stakes are higher than ever. This leadership book examines ways leaders can leverage change for profit by identifying and understanding the dynamics of change and how to use timeless principles and proven business fundamentals for embracing change and becoming a stronger leader. Written from the front lines of business, it combines humor, real-life anecdotes, case studies and insights from history’s greatest leaders.

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