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The 7 Secrets of Outperforming Your Competition

The 7 Secrets of Outperforming Your Competition, enables leaders to better understand how they can improve their organization’s effectiveness and drive results.

The Insider's Guide to Rejuvenating Underperformers

The Insider’s Guide to Rejuvenating Underperformers, assists employers with their approach in coaching underperforming employees with the goal of producing a rewarding outcome for both parties.

Success Starts with Me

Success Starts with Me, equips individuals with actionable steps for building confidence in themselves and their journey in achieving their goals.

Accountability: The Key to Driving a High-Performance Culture

  • “If you’re looking for new ways to drive accountability and improve individual and organizational performance, read this book.”
    – Daniel Pink, New York Times bestselling author of Drive and When

  • “Greg Bustin’s thoughtful insights and real-world examples will equip leaders to achieve new levels of success. I’m a better leader for having read this book.”
    – Mark W. Schortman, Chairman, Coca-Cola Bottlers Sales & Services, LLC

  • “Exceptional leaders are lifelong learners, and Greg has collected, organized, and presented these leadership lessons to stimulate learning, inform decision-making, and inspire action. This is a book that all teams and business leaders should read.”
    – Elizabeth Bryant, Chief Learning Officer, Southwest Airlines

  • “Another not-to-be-missed read from Greg Bustin. His practical style combines memorable occurrences that bring to life situa­tions leaders face daily. Greg’s book provides the thought-provoking techniques to help leaders make the big calls.”
    – Steve Dalton, OBE, Managing Director, SONY UK Technology Cent

Meet leadership consultant Greg Bustin

For more than 25 years, Greg Bustin has been skillfully counseling a diverse roster of innovative companies, helping them nurture workplace accountability so they can achieve optimal performance and success. He also is a trusted advisor to savvy CEOs and key leaders, steering three executive groups and providing one-on-one coaching as a Master Chair for Vistage International, the world’s largest CEO organization.

Today, organizations around the world invite Greg to conduct private workshops and deliver thought-provoking keynote addresses on leadership, strategy, conflict resolution and workplace accountability.

Learn more about Greg and how his over 25 years of experience as a leadership consultant can benefit you and your company.


  • “Greg Bustin demonstrates with example after example that a culture where accountability is embraced and not feared gives savvy leaders a secret weapon.”
    – Bill Cobb, President and Chief Executive Officer, H&R Block

  • “Greg Bustin’s insights and examples from leaders of the world’s most admired companies on the topic of accountability are a treasure trove of best practices to help you and your team consistently deliver on your brand promise.”
    – Ashley Sheetz, Chief Marketing Officer, GameStop

  • “Accountability is one of the most important mindsets in leadership. Greg Bustin understands it and knows how to translate his understanding into action.”
    – Mike Rawlings, former Mayor, City of Dallas; former President of Pizza Hut

  • “Greg provides a practical guide and proven processes that prompt leaders to ask critical questions and challenge themselves to improve individual and organizational performance.”
    – David E. Alexander, former Vice Chair and Managing Partner, Ernst & Young

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