Strategic planning equals change. If you don’t plan to change, don’t bother to plan.

Four fatal flaws derail the overwhelming majority of companies’ strategic planning sessions—regardless of size, age or industry. Greg has discovered that developing a strategic plan is less about building budgets and more about building trust. When executives learn how to fully embrace this fundamental truth, they can lead their companies to greater performance and, ultimately, more profitable growth.

Strategic Planning Workshop

ADDRESS TOUGH ISSUES AND CLEARLY IDENTIFY WAYS TO OVERCOME THE 10 KEY PERFORMANCE HURDLES Greg helps executives step out of the quagmire during this focused two-day leadership and strategic planning session to explore what really matters and then develop a plan to attain it. Greg creates a safe room where leaders can answer the hard questions that are fundamental to attaining deeper levels of trust and higher levels of performance. It’s been called a collaborative interrogation into the heart and soul of a company, and it earns high praise for its transformative power. Through a series of thought-provoking exercises, Greg helps companies address their tough issues and clearly identify ways to overcome the 10 key performance hurdles that often doom performance before the ink can dry on the strategic plan. Leaders leave equipped with a simple, powerful and proven process to guide their strategic planning sessions.

Pre-workshop Interviews

INTERVIEW KEY INDIVIDUALS TO PROVIDE INSIGHT TO GUIDE THE RIGHT WORKSHOP DISCUSSIONS Developing a strategic plan that addresses an organization’s meaty issues requires input from all the stakeholders who play a role in your success: thought leaders, vocal and silent influencers, group leaders, front line troops and others. To provide your leadership with a 360-degree view and an important starting point for your strategic planning session, Greg can conduct pre-workshop interviews with individuals you identify—including those who may not be able to attend the workshop in person. These pre-interviews provide insights into the real issues affecting your organization and that become the starting point in the two-day strategic planning session to drive improvements.

Six-Month Follow-up Workshop

A ONE-DAY TUNE-UP TO ENSURE YOUR COMPANY IS ON COURSE Most strategic plans fail not because there are not enough good ideas. Most plans fail because there are too many ideas to pursue, making implementation of the plan difficult. Greg helps you keep the plan focused on priorities. And then six months after the strategic planning session, Greg offers a one-day tune-up to ensure your leaders are keeping the commitments they made to one another. This one-day tune-up also provides an opportunity to decide how to best address new opportunities that have emerged since the original strategic planning session.



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