Greg’s leadership books have been informed by more than two decades of collaboration with leaders of some of the world’s most admired companies. As a strategic planning consultant, keynote speaker, Master Chair for Vistage International, and workshop creator and facilitator, Greg has amassed a rare insider’s look at what separates successful leaders and organizations from all the others. Now his insightful observations, seasoned counsel and practical how-to advice are all available in a series of respected leadership books.

Accountability: The Key to Driving a High-Performance Culture

Building a culture where accountability matters is vital to every organization’s success, yet it is one of the biggest challenges business leaders face. The absence of accountability saps morale, drains profits, disenfranchises good employees while cultivating confusion and crisis. Greg has worked with, interviewed and surveyed senior leaders at some of the world’s most admired companies, including Marriott, Container Store, Ernst & Young, Sony, Herman Miller, Nucor, Southwest Airlines as well as leaders of small- and mid-sized firms. The insights and tools featured in this leadership book will increase accountability and drive success in any organization—including yours.


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Decision Time: Inspiration, Insights & Wisdom from History’s Make-or-Break Moments

History has much to offer today’s current and aspiring leaders. Business schools teach case studies. Hollywood blockbusters are inspired by true events. Exceptional leaders are students of history. Decision-making comes with the territory. This leadership book will cover 52 of the most spectacular failures and triumphant achievements that offer timeless leadership lessons. These lessons work for anyone, whether you’re a company leader or an aspiring one. They encourage readers to reflect on their own situations and to be inspired by the men and women who have made courageous decisions and changed history in the face of difficult circumstances. Leaders – it’s time to decide. Order my leadership book today.


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That’s a Great Question: Are you asking the right questions in business? In life?

Good leaders solve problems. Great leaders ask questions. What’s more, great leaders create an environment where questions—especially tough questions—are welcomed, asked and answered before decisions are made and after results are assessed. This must-read leadership book includes more than 500 provocative questions that explore 18 compelling topics that Greg has discovered successful individuals consider on a regular basis.

Lead the Way

While many books on leadership extol the benefits of planning, Greg’s leadership book provides a simple, proven process for developing a concise, easy-to-understand written plan along with strategic planning tools and strategies designed to ensure workplace accountability and improve business performance. The first section helps you prepare for your planning session; the second section provides a blueprint for conducting your planning session; the third section provides guidance to ensure your plan is implemented.

Take Charge!

Change is always a part of conducting business, but in today’s business world the stakes are higher than ever. This leadership book examines ways leaders can leverage change for profit by identifying and understanding the dynamics of change and how to use timeless principles and proven business fundamentals for embracing change and becoming a stronger leader. Written from the front lines of business, it combines humor, real-life anecdotes, case studies and insights from history’s greatest leaders.

Praise for Greg Bustin’s books on leadership


“Greg’s collection of the best and worst decisions in history is a practical, nuanced, and timeless guide for today’s decision-makers.” – Mark Schortman, Chairman, Coca-Cola Bottlers’ Sales and Services, LLC

“Exceptional leaders are lifelong learners, and Greg has collected, organized, and presented these leadership lessons to stimulate learning, inform decision-making, and inspire action. This is a book that all teams and business leaders should read.” – Elizabeth Bryant, Chief Learning Officer, Southwest Airlines

“Decisions—no matter the scale of those decisions—by those at the top of the organization are critical to get right to keep the business on track and running successfully. Greg’s book provides the thought-provoking techniques to help leaders make the big calls.” – Steve Dalton, OBE, Managing Director, SONY UK Technology Centre


“Great leaders understand that talented people thrive in a culture where accountability is a support system for success. What makes this book different is that Greg Bustin connects the intellectual component of accountability to the heart and soul of an organization.” – Daniel Pink, New York Times bestselling author of Drive and To Sell Is Human

“Powerful. Greg Bustin demonstrates with example after example that a culture where accountability is embraced and not feared gives savvy leaders a secret weapon.” – Bill Cobb, President and Chief Executive Officer, H&R Block 

“Greg Bustin introduces a new approach to accountability that can be a game-changer for leaders. His book is packed with new ideas, powerful exercises, and proven practices to improve performance.” – Leon Shapiro, Chief Executive Officer, Vistage International 

that’s a great question:

“It would be hard to imagine a better person to write about the art of asking impactful questions than Greg Bustin. Asking questions that penetrate to the heart of the matter is a leader’s obligation and, in fact, one of a leader’s most significant contributions. You too can learn the art and value of question-asking from a master practitioner.” – Rafael Pastor, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer, Vistage International

“Greg has managed to pack an intense mental workout in this small package. Reflection on these questions will improve every aspect of my life and work.” – Fran McCann, President, Polk Mechanical Company, LLC


“Lead the Way is full of proven strategies to plan, organize and lead.”– Kip Tindell, Chairman and CEO, The Container Store

“Greg provides an effective blueprint for any business seeking to separate itself from the pack. Moving beyond books that seek solely to inspire, Greg provides a practical guide along with proven processes that prompt leaders to ask critical questions and challenge themselves to improve individual and organizational performance.” – David E. Alexander, Vice Chair and Southwest Area Managing Partner, Ernst & Young LLP


“Greg’s advice is simple, proven and practical.  His management knowledge and successful experience in helping organizations solve their problems make this book an excellent guide for all members of corporate leadership teams.” “Greg has written a winner. It’s readable, practical and memorable.”- Erle Nye, Chairman Emeritus, TXU



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