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eBooks  on Accountability

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The 7 Secrets of Outperforming Your Competition

The Insider’s Guide to Rejuvenating Underperformers

Success Starts with Me





Leadership Development Tools

The 7Fs – Outlook for the Year Ahead What will the seven significant categories in your life look like one year from today?

Personal Accountability Worksheet Clarify your goals and learn to hold yourself accountable. Change starts with your personal actions.

Heaven & Hell  Find out if your non-negotiables and personal values are reflected by your company’s behavior.

How Does Your Company Measure Up? Ask and answer 7 sets of questions to help improve your individual and organizational performance.

5 Benefits of Strategic Planning Discover how your business can benefit from planning for change.

Decision Grid Tackle tough decisions you’ve been avoiding by first answering these questions that are critical for growth.


Reflections and Outlook

Taking leadership inspiration from key moments in history is one of my favorite tactics for inciting change within leaders and organizations. The worksheet below contains some questions that will help you contextualize your decisions and find inspiration in the world around you.

How Leaders Decide: A Timeless Guide to Making Tough Questions

Every December, I distribute to the leaders I work with a version of a document first developed by fellow Vistage Chair John Younker more than 10 years ago.

You can download for free the entire four-page document:
Reflections & Outlook

Strategic Planning Resources

These strategic planning tools help leadership teams think differently about themselves and their organization. More important, they identify critical individual and organizational issues that must be addressed to become a high performance company.

Migration Chart
Top 10 Performance Hurdles
Strategic Planning Process
The Organization’s Soul – Overlooked KPIs
The Secret to Success
5 Benefits of Strategic Planning
SWAT Team Guidelines & Questions

Company/Brand Positioning Tools

These tools are simple but powerful – but that does not mean easy. Most organizations discover that that they require spirited debate, hard choices and discipline.

Identity Pyramid
Positioning Formula
Positioning Formula Template

Personal Vision + Goal-Setting

Life’s Priorities

Personal Success Roadmap

Effective Personal Vision: Some Criteria
Creating and Living in Your Ideal Future State

Just for Fun

Holiday Film Trivia

Greg’s Leadership Blog

executive leadership blog

Check out Greg’s blog for ideas and insights about ways to increase your individual and business effectiveness. Read the most recent posts:

Summer Reading for Leaders
D-Day: Weather, Planning, Luck and Guts
The Culture Crashers
Eclipses, Excuses + You
The Accountability Funnel

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