Great leaders are students of history

In How Leaders Decide: A Timeless Guide to Making Tough Choices, I, as an author and leadership coach, share 52 weekly vignettes featuring pivotal decisions made by leaders during some of the biggest moments in history, with reverberations in business, war, peace, sports, science, technology, government, and the arts.

How Leaders Decideis intended to be read week by week. For about 10 minutes, readers can quickly tap into a history lesson and then spend another 10 minutes recording their thoughts to the leadership questions posed in each chapter.


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Greg’s approach

To discover the right solutions to business challenges, the right questions must be asked. Those questions are the key to removing barriers and unlocking potential. And the questions are different for every organization. That’s why every engagement is customized to drive meaningful and lasting change.

I have given more than 500 talks on five continents to bring your organization my real-world experience as a sought-after executive coach and best-selling author of five leadership books. The result is an inspiring new approach that will challenge and inspire you and your team.

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