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Spring Football

April 22nd, 2014  | 

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There are two big sports seasons in Texas: football and spring football.

Last Saturday, the University of Texas played its annual Orange-White scrimmage.

New head coach Charlie Strong made three things clear:

  1. Learn fundamentals to improve – At work or on the field, you’ve got to know the fundamentals of your job. “Spring ball,” said Strong, “is all about effort, assignments, technique and fundamentals.” It’s also a time to build confidence – even when things aren’t going your way. “You’ve got to believe in yourself,” said Strong. “If don’t believe in yourself, no one else will.”
  2. Set expectations – Players want to know where they stand. So do your employees. “The players,” said Strong, “will sit down one-on-one with coaches [this week], and the coaches will tell them exactly where they are: If they’re starting, on the bench or on the scout team. Everyone has a role on this team.” Do the players on your team know what you expect?
  3. Change the culture – Your culture reflects how things get done. The culture of the Texas football team had become one of entitlement. Strong is working to change that. “You want to make sure that the vast majority of players that are bought in [to the changes] are running the football team – not the five percent that are not bought in.”

Changing a culture takes time.

For the University of Texas football program, the clock is ticking: 130 days until the season opener.

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