Take Time to Be Productive

December 18th, 2012  | 

Published in Problem Solving

What’s your most productive day of the year?

Here’s a clue:  our family leaves for Africa in six days.

In the Southern Hemisphere where we’re headed, the summer solstice occurs in three days. Some leaders believe the extra sunlight makes them more productive.

(In the Northern Hemisphere, the summer solstice occurs annually between June 18 and 20.)

In either case, you may be more productive, but this day is not your most productive day.

Another possibility that’s just around the corner.  What about the first day of the New Year?  Wrong again.

Your most productive day at work is the day before your vacation.

On the day before you leave, you are more focused on your most important priorities.  And you are just as focused on dismissing those items not on your to-do list.

What would be the impact of consistently bringing a higher level of purpose, commitment and energy to your most significant priorities?

It likely would make your time more productive.

About the Author: Greg Bustin is an executive coach, consultant and speaker who has delivered more than 500 keynotes and workshops on five continents. www.bustin.com Greg advises leaders at some of the world’s most admired companies, and his views about leadership have been published in The Wall Street Journal, Chief Executive, Fast Company, Forbes, Inc., Investor’s Business Daily, Leader to Leader, and other major publications. He’s written five leadership books. His newest book, How Leaders Decide: A Timeless Guide to Making Tough Choices (Sourcebooks), examines decision-making in history’s greatest triumphs and tragedies. How Leaders Decide

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