A New Way to Think About Accountability

  1. October 14th, 2014  | 

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Practiced effectively, accountability is less about punishment and more about creating a support system for winners. How will shifting your perspective on accountability improve your employee relations and generate positive results for your organization?

Daniel Pink says, “Great leaders understand that talented people thrive in a culture where accountability is a support system for success.” Is that the kind of company culture you are developing for your employees?

I look forward to discussing this with you at The Ownership Thinking Conference in San Antonio, TX this week. Be sure and join me as we consider “A New Way to Think About Accountability” on October 16th.

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About the Author: Greg Bustin advises some of the world’s most admired companies and leaders, and he’s dedicated a career to working with CEOs and the leadership teams of hundreds of companies in a range of industries. He’s facilitated more than 250 strategic planning sessions, he’s delivered more than 600 keynotes and workshops on every continent except Antarctica, and he coaches leaders who are inspired to take their career to the next level. His fourth leadership book— Accountability: The Key to Driving a High-Performance Culture (McGraw-Hill) —is a Soundview Executive Best Business Book.

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