Scary Questions from Your Team

  1. October 29th, 2013  | 

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Halloween is in two days.

Here are three sets of scary questions leaders should be prepared to answer from their team:

  1. Do we have the people on our team we need to succeed? Who’s missing? What will it take to attract the people we need to win?
  2. In what areas are we not doing the best that we can do? How will we respond?
  3. Are we committed to winning? How can we tell?

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About the Author: Greg Bustin advises some of the world’s most admired companies and leaders, and he’s dedicated a career to working with CEOs and the leadership teams of hundreds of companies in a range of industries. He’s facilitated more than 250 strategic planning sessions, he’s delivered more than 600 keynotes and workshops on every continent except Antarctica, and he coaches leaders who are inspired to take their career to the next level. His fourth leadership book— Accountability: The Key to Driving a High-Performance Culture (McGraw-Hill) —is a Soundview Executive Best Business Book.

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