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How Does Character Drive Accountability?

November 11th, 2014  | 

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Last Friday on Jim Blasingame’s “Small Business Advocate” national radio program, we discussed why Character plays such an important role in driving accountability. (Listen here)

Character is the first pillar in The Seven Pillars of Accountability. Definition of Character: “Our values are clearly defined and communicated. Values shape our character: We do what’s right for our customers, employees, suppliers, and investors…even when it’s difficult.”

To improve accountability and to increase the chances that you will achieve the results that are important to you, be sure you and your team are operating from a written plan. The written plan can be developed in two days. The best plans are short, simple and unambiguous. These plans identify the organization’s key priorities and show very clearly who will do what by when.

Owners, CEOs and presidents already have a plan in their head. The problem is that their direct reports cannot hear them think. So the plan is crucial for the key executives because there is clarity about the top leader’s expectations for the organization and for those who are charged with implementing the plan. I’ve led nearly 200 strategic planning sessions in dozens of industries and the benefits of planning are powerful.

Your written plan is your leadership team’s contract with one another. Your plan articulates and re-affirms your organization’s Character. Written plans are a key factor high-performing teams use to hold one another accountable and achieve the results they say they want.

FREE Planning ResourceDownload the Migration Chart™ in our FREE Resources to help you and your team agree on the most important priorities in seven key areas of your organization. Without alignment and without clarity, accountability will be an uphill battle and achieving the results you want will take more time, more effort and more money.

Have you mapped your plan for the year?

About the Author: Greg Bustin is an executive coach, consultant and speaker who has delivered more than 500 keynotes and workshops on five continents. Greg advises leaders at some of the world’s most admired companies, and his views about leadership have been published in The Wall Street Journal, Chief Executive, Fast Company, Forbes, Inc., Investor’s Business Daily, Leader to Leader, and other major publications. He’s written five leadership books. His newest book, How Leaders Decide: A Timeless Guide to Making Tough Choices (Sourcebooks), examines decision-making in history’s greatest triumphs and tragedies. How Leaders Decide

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